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Starting a business requires a lot of courage or a bit of madness. Challenges are plentiful, the possibility of failure is very real, success is uncertain, and many entrepreneurs will ironically end-up working 80 hours per week to avoid a 9-to-5 job as an employee. And yet launching a business, becoming one’s own boss, and perhaps even making a few millions, is a dream shared by mo...


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As a savvy entrepreneur, you are aware of the importance of a solid contact network. And yet maybe, like many people, you hate networking activities. Introverted personalities, in particular, often feel uncomfortable in these events, with their rapid succession of handshakes and business cards bombarding.

While extroverted people gain energy in their social interactions and come ou...


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By throwing yourself into the world of entrepreneurship, you must learn to become a true jack-of-all-trades. One day, you’re working on your website; the next, you’re doing accounting; the following day, it’s marketing, graphic design, product development or market study. Even if you launch a startup with partners who complement you, chances are you’ll still have to go through task...


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If the business world has historically been dominated by men, it has to be noted that women are starting their own businesses in ever larger numbers. In particular, the young generation of both genders values entrepreneurship enormously: young women want to make the jump in their numbers, but they have fewer successful businesswomen role models, and have additional challenges to o...


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Your idea is brilliant, your business model is revolutionary, your profitability is exceptional and investors are backing you: will you be the next start-up success story? Well, not if you make this all too frequent mistake of neglecting your cashflow! It’s estimated that 4 out of 5 businesses fail because of a want of short-term liquid assets.

Onirade offers you 6 tips to avoid the...

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The main reason why businesses fail – and how to avoid it


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